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E0000604 when running a Verify Job on a Dedup media

Created: 19 Oct 2011 • Updated: 25 May 2015 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I am getting this error when i try to verify a job.

The job is based on a policy 

1. Full backup (incl. verify) to a local deduplication folder - Job Completes 100% OK (job size 96Gb)

2. Duplicate backup to a second deduplication folder - Job Completes 100% OK (job size 96Gb)

3. Verify Job at second deduplication folder - Job fails at around 12Gb with the following error

If the Verify is done in the duplicate job I end up with the same 

The policy is used with 5 selection lists

Only this one fails at nr. 3

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Hi Jesper,

Which version of BE 2010 are you using? If you're not using R3, I'd recommend upgrading to that first, followed by a LiveUpdate (or manual!) installation of BE 2010 R3 SP1. Once you do that, run the job again and see if you get this error.

Please post back with an update!


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Hi Craig

I am running 2010 R3 with SP1 and Hotfix 167567 On the CASO and Media server.



Best Regards

Jesper Berth

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What are you backing up into that DeDup Folder? Is it a lot of small files?

Also are you creating the job on the CASO to run on the MMS and go to a DeDuplication folder on the MMS before being duplicated to somewhere else?

EDIT; the reason why I asked this is we have a E0000602 error against a Verify (following a DeDup and job) in a CASO/ MMS environment where it is caused by total number of files being backed up. There is a workaround that appears of actually creating the policy and templates for the job that experiences the issue directly on the MMS and not sending them out from the CASO. As you are not doing exacatly the same thing as the known issue this might explaibn the difference in error code.

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Hi Colin

The selection lists is for SQL Serveres, and less than 200 files, not sure witch version of SQL but i can get that info if needed

The Policy is created on the CASO Server

I Just tested yesterday created a new Job with same selection list, and it ran OK to the same dedup folder on the MMS and did a verify, only thing there was different, was that i forgot to change the Media Set so it defaulted to Keep Data Infinite - Do Not Allow Overwrite.

We priviusly had errors on the MMS Dedup folder, they were solved by Sym Support, and it seems that everything is running again.


Best Regards

Jesper Berth