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e000fedf - A failure occurred reading an object.

Created: 12 Aug 2014 | 3 comments

I am running Backkupexec 2010 with all patches on a Windwos 2003 standard server with Exchange 2003.

All of a sudden backups are failing with the error : e000fedf - A failure occurred reading an object.

The log shows multiple files failing being listed as "file is corrupt".  However, the files all open fine (generally these are word docs in a shared company folder) and it appears to be different files failing on every backup..almsot never the same files that fail on one backup dont on the next and vice versa...

I am at a loss and any help would be greatly appreaciated.

BTW the backup is doing the C and D drive, Exchange and System state on the  same job.  Everything completes fine except for random files on C and D.

Also we are backup up to folders on a removalbe hard drive...

Thanks a llot.


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Would first recommend to split off Exchange from this backup job and keep the Advanced Open File option enabled for the main backup job.

If running any AV, do ensure it is set to exclude from scanning the BE processes.

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I have disabled the AV comletely and this had no effect.  Will recreate jobs and seperate them to see if this resolves issue.


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You should always have 2 jobs.  One with AOFO on to backup files and system state and the other with AOFO off to backup databases, like Exchange and SQL.