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ediscvoery status results show 858

Created: 19 Jun 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2012 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I ran the SQL query below (we do not have 'many' searches yet,

SELECT tc.[Name] AS 'Case Name', tis.[Name] AS 'Search Name', tis.StatusID, tis.RunDate

FROM tblIntSearches tis

JOIN tblCase tc ON tc.CaseID = tis.CaseID

I was looking for a status of 3 or 10 (prior to upgrading).  I am seeing a status of 858.  Is there a listing of the different statuses and meanings for DA searches?

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The statuses are held in tblStatus table of the DA customer db. Here are the ones specific to searching

1 SEARCH Accepted
2 SEARCH Searching...
3 SEARCH Pending Acceptance
4 SEARCH Rejected
5 SEARCH Deleting...
6 SEARCH Accepting...
7 SEARCH In Review
8 SEARCH Abandon
9 SEARCH Schedule
10 SEARCH Pending Acceptance (Errors)
170 SEARCH To be sampled
171 SEARCH Starting sampling
172 SEARCH Sampling...
173 SEARCH No Hits
174 SEARCH Failed
175 SEARCH Paused
176 SEARCH To Be Paused
177 SEARCH Pausing
178 SEARCH To Be resubmitted
179 SEARCH Resubmitting
858 SEARCH Deleted