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Edit Incremental Backup Jobs (Command Line)

Created: 22 Sep 2013 | 3 comments


how can i use the cli to edit one or many incremental jobs, i specificially want to change the retenion period for all of my incremental backup jobs.

I am thinking something along these lines, but i am not yet successfull.

Get-BEBackupDefinition -Name "Name" | Set-BEIncrementalBackupTask

Thank you for your help.


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You need to save the changes like so

Get-BEBackupDefinition -Name "Name" | Set-BEIncrementalBackupTask | Save-BEBackupDefinition

You would need to have the appropriate switches for each of the cmdlets.

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Hi Pkh,

thank you for your reply.  I understand i need to pipe to Save-BE... but my question is which is the correct cmdlet and parameter to use to change the retenion period for an incremental job?

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Have you tried the DiskStorageKeepForHours parameter for the Set cmdlet?

If you are using tape or disk cartridges, then you only need to modify the OPP in the media set.