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Editing the /etc/liveupdate.conf

Created: 20 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

This is the first time I use symantec products on Linux platform.

I have successfully install the antivirus on a Unbutu 10.04 machine.

When I try to edit update setting (I would like to update the virus defination via my own server), I discover that the /etc/liveupdate.conf is not in human-readable format.

For testing purpose, I have make another copy of /etc/liveupdate.conf, using the suggested setting listed in the installation and operation guide of the SAVFL.

And then I start the update process my the command-line-interface manually.

It seems that the update process is completed (by viewing the log at /opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/liveupdt.log), but the /etc/liveupdate.conf becomes non-human-readable once again.

Is this situation normal? And how can I browse the configuration executed?


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Hi 5kin,

Confirmed: that is "by design." As soon as Java LiveUpdate runs for the first time, that file becomes encrypted.

I keep a copy of my conf file on the Ubuntu desktop, and then copy it into the /etc directory whenever I need to make any tweaks or changes to the SAVFL client's connectivity to the LUA server, etc

Here's an article that may be of interest:

How to Install SAV for Linux (SAVFL) and Update It Using LUA 2.x (

Please do update this thread with news if this has helped or if there's anything additional needed!

With thanks and best regards,


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Hi again 5kin,

This article may also be of interest:

Configuring Java LiveUpdate using the built-in Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Article URL  

That tool makes altering or viewing the contents of that .conf file quite easy.  Do be sure to launch the tool using "sudo" though!

Hope this helps! &: )

With thanks and best regards,