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Editing Host file on Netbackup 5520 appliance

Created: 03 Jul 2013 | 3 comments

I could do with some help on what options are available to add entries to the host file on the 5520 appliance. I am familiar with using the CLISH and navigating to >>Network from the main menu and the using the following command:

hosts add nbutest.nbappliance.lab nbutest  

host show  - will provide an output of information in the file.

Is there anyway to access the the host file by going through Support>>Maintenance(Enter Password)>>Elevate

I believe you can drop in to the normal Linux directory structure and navigate to \usr\openv\netbackup...

But where is the host file located and what is is called since most Linux articles seem to refer to \etc\hosts

I have tried to use vi and view the hosts & hosts.conf files located in the \usr\openv\netbackup\bin directories, but they do not seem to list the same info as what I see when running hosts show through CLISH.

Any assistance would be appreciated with the above.

Thanks In Advance

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Nicolai's picture

The 5220 appliance is running SuSe 11 Linux. On UNIX/Linux the host file is maintained in /etc/hosts

You can use vi/vim to edit the host file.

The link below is a vi cheat sheet for the vi editor.

And there is the offical doc:

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Chad_Wansing's picture

The hosts file is located at /etc/hosts, but I ALWAYS suggest to my customers to do whatever they can via the CLISH instead of at the root prompt.  For the vast majority of operations it makes things so much easier and takes a lot of the risk out of the operation.


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Marianne's picture

I agree - use CLISH to add hosts entries.

On the Appliance, use 
Network > Hosts Add IPAddress FQHN ShortName

See Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Command Reference Guide:DOC6344 

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