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edpa service not working of DLP agent

Created: 12 Jul 2013 • Updated: 25 Sep 2014 | 9 comments

I have manually installed DLP agent manually by script , it is installed without any error but edpa services are not working. wdp is running but edpa is in manual startup mode in services.msc. When I tried to make it automatic stratup  it fails to start ans ommits below error. find the attached

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I think you need to uninstall the DLP agent manually, and install the agent again by administrator. And, remember to reboot the machine after the uninstallation.

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uninstall manually and reinstall the DLP agent. how many clients have this issue?

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Chcek the application/system log of windows O.S and try to trace which event prevent to run edpa.exe to run. there might be some registry issue.

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what account you are using?


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I would check the edpa0.log file on the actual agent to determine the issue. I've seen a lot of issues around the EDPA service but none where the WDP starts but not the EDPA. It may be a permissions issue on the install directory of the agent. What version are you using?

I've seen issues where the JVM environment is corrupt and services are unable to start and by reinstalling Java, the issue is fixed but I really think that your edpa0.log files will accuratly tell the story.

The log files should be located under \Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent

I would start looking in the logs for any SEVERE or WARNING type events

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try to take help of Process monitor and Revo uninstaller to trace which application/process preventing to run edpa service. you can alayze those logs like

  • Windows application/system log
  • edpa01/2/3.log
  • process monitor
  • Revo uninstaller etc and various log tracing tools 
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can you try to type sc edpa query 

in cmd prompt. i need to see how it would show.


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Hi Salim, 

U can chcek the rights on drive to write/install the DLP agent, Try to install on diffrenet drive like D: etc.