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edpa.exe - Application Error

Created: 30 Sep 2010 | 3 comments

Hello folks,

I've had a few of my people get an edpa.exe error when it crashes on their desktops.  It appears in a pop-up window.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

edpa.exe - Application Error

     The instruction at "0x03c536f7" referenced memory at "0x00f0025d".  The memory could not be "read".

     Click on OK To terminate the program

     Click on CANCEL to debug the program


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Naor Penso's picture

In order to debug the issue you will need to collect more information,

The Vontu KB says the following:

I need to collect the crash dump information when this exception occurs to be sent to Technical support.

When the agent crashes, you will get a dialog box.  This box has a "click here" button.  Please click on that link rather than the "send error report" or "don't send"
A dialog box will be displayed.  Click the first "click here" link (the one next to "To view technical information about the error report, ")
The dialog box will contain a list of one or more files; locate the file with the .mdmp extension on your hard disk (using Windows Explorer or the Windows Search feature)
Copy the file to a different location; THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE CLOSING THE DIALOGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY OPEN. Send this file to me.
Press "Close", "Close" and "Don't Send" to exit error reporting.

Please post the file and than I will look into it.

Some more questions I would require answers on:

  1. what operating system are the endpoints running?
  2. is there another software that was running on all clients when the issue occurred?
  3. what version of Endpoint clients are you using?
  4. 32Bit or 64Bit?

I would also suggest you open a ticket with the Symantec Support, they might have a KB on this matter on their internal KB.

Kind Regards,

Naor Penso.

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Thanks :)

LHR99's picture

Was any solution found to this? I have a similar problem. Intermittently throughout the day I get an "edpa.exe - Application Error" window. It says, "The expection unknown software exception (0xc000000d) ocurred in the application at location 0x7814de96. Click on OK to terminate the program"

When I click on OK the error window goes away, but according to Task Manager, the process edpa.exe keeps running. I can't kill the process from Task Manager either.

I'm running Symantec Endpoint v. 11.0.6000.550 and Windows XP Pro v. 2002 SP 3 in a corporate environment on a laptop. The problem started a few days ago when I was logged into the company network from home using Secure IRAS.

My company IT dept. has tried repairing the Endpoint installation and uninstalling and reinstalling Endpoint. Their next step is probably to wipe my whole computer and reinstall everything, so I hope to find a solution here.



sergtech's picture

Depending on what the enduser is working on, web application, Outlook, or something else that works with http, https, smtp, ftp. You may recieve this error. I have seen in version 9.x through 10.5.1. When this error appears. You will have to collect the agent logs and mem dumpfiles for review with Symantec Support. This issue has gotten better after version 10.5.3 but as stated. Even version 11 users are still seeing it. Your best bet is to open a case with Symantec and go through the triage for your individual use case. Then a patch or hotfix may be required to fix.

Note for the other user. The DLP agent services have tamper resistence. If you try to end/kill the services. They are supposed to restart almost immediately. Thats normal. On the back end. Be advised The DLP servers will recieve a tampering notice.