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Eject media from robotic library

Created: 07 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
Problem Type:
Backing Up 
Product Name:
Backup Exec [change]
Product Version:
2012 [change]
Windows Server 2003 R2 [change]
Platform version
Standard Edition (x86) [change]
Brief description of problem:
1) I cannot automatic eject media from robotic library.2) Configuration problem with job backup 3 servers to one media tape

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1) How to create job to automatic eject media from robotic library  Dell PV 124T.

2) it's possible t ocreate media set overwritable , so that you can back up three servers to one tape. How do I set up the continuity of three backup jobs?

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1) You cannot eject a tape from a library.  However, you can move it from your slots to the mail or I/O slot.  This is called an export, as in export to the mailslot.  First of all you have to access your library through either its front panel or WebUI and enable the mailslot.  If you have enabled your mailslot correctly, you will "loose" one slot.  For example, if your library has 24 slots, you will only see 23 slots after you have enabled the mailslot.  This is because BE cannot see the mailslot.  To export a tape to the mailslot, you either right-click on the slot which contains the tape and select export, or include an export stage in your job.  Afteryou export a tape to the mailslot, you can just open the mailslot and remove it.  You don't have to remove the entire magazine.

2) If you want have multiple jobs write to the same tape, your first job should specify overwrite and the rest of the job should specify append.  All the jobs will target the library and use the same media set.  For the media set, you got to set an appropriate OPP and an AP which is long enough for the last job to append to the tape.

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