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Eject tape automatically.

Created: 23 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.
Hello. I have BE2012 with a tape library.
I have configured a task that Backup a Server and store data in a tape and I have checked the option "Eject after job finished". When the task finalice BE don't eject the tape automatically. I need respond OK at the prompt. 
Is posible automatice this eject without my confirmation?

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Are you sure its a Library? or is it a Standalone tape drive?

Configure the media remove alert to clear out automatically.

Refer to the below forum thread.

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Yes, is a library Dell TL2000.
I configured the media remove alert as stated in the link without good results.
I proved with an import job and BE2012 make an alert to prompt to respond ok.
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The "eject after job completes" is not applicable when you are using a tape library.  This option is for ejecting tapes when you are using a stand-alone tape drive.

When you use a tape library and you want to "eject" the tape, then you must do the following

1) enable a mail or I/O slot in your library.

2) add an export stage in your job.  This will export the tape after the backup to the mail or I/O slot so that you can remove it from the library.

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Thank pkh.

I have enabled an I/O slot in the library.
The stages that I can choose are: duplicate (disk or tape) or convert to virtual machine. Can I configure a stage that only export the tape (without make duplication or convertion)?
A second question: The Export option asks me to export to a Media Vault. What is a Media Vault? Can I "store the tape (physically) outside of the library" into a Media Vault (logically)?
To return the tape to the library, I have to put it into the I/O slot and import it from the Media Vault? It is OK?
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Yes.  You can just choose an export stage which does not do any duplication or conversion.

You don't have to use media vault if you don't want to.  I have never used them.  When you export a tape, it would automatically be placed in the Off-liine media location.

When you need to return the tape to the library, put the tape in the I/O slot.  Right-click on an empty slot and choose import.  You should see the tape in the slot after the import operation is done.

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Thank Pkh and AmolZeroCool for your help.