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Emailing B/U Failures with the body of the EMAIL in TEXT

Created: 11 Feb 2013 • Updated: 23 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi, I'm a complete newbie (as you can tell when I started this thread in the other forum...)

In an attempt to auto-log incidents in our incident management system, I need to be able to provide a failure email per server, and this must have text in the body (for the incident management system to pick up). Can anyone advise how this might be achievable (as so far, in opscenter all reports that appear useable have the results as attachments) OR, if I can approach this in a different way? I have OPscenter OPsCenter

Many Thanks

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I believe you may want to look into using OpsCenter Alert Policies.

Alert Policy - Job Finalized - will send an email anytime a job completes. (Success or Failure)

You can customize the alert to only trigger on failures, and then configure it to email or send an SNMP trap to a destination.

For information on adding an alert policy, please refer to pg. 499 in the OpsCenter Admin Guide

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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Tom, many thanks for this. I set some alerts up, and have been receiving them in as emails (which is great), however I seem to have been receiving alerts for both successful and non-successful backups.

I wondered if you might be able to guide me on how to achieve an alert per client *only* for failed backups?

I am trying to get a stage of being able to auto-log incidents in our system so that engineers can be alerted to failures in this manner. However, I need to ensure that there is only one 'alert' or notification of the failed job so that many incidents are not logged for the same system. At the moment my alerts I have somehow configured them to show all successes as well as failures :/

Many Thanks

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Ok, I need some assistance with the parameters to obtain the backup status on the alerts. ie the backup EXIT STATUS so that I am only receiving the alerts from those backups which actually fail? I've put a screenshot on to show. Many Thanks

ALERT exit status.jpg
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I do not see your screenshot, however, follow these steps and you may find the answer you are looking for.

Log into OpsCenter

Click Manage / Alert Policies / and Locate you Job Finalized Alert Policy

Check the Policy and choose edit

On the Alert Condiftion Properties, make sure to select "Include all exit status:"

Then at the bottom, and 0 to the "Exit Status to Exclude"

Then click next, and follow the wizard until you save the modfied alert policy.

This will no alert on all jobs that exit, but do not exit with 0 - Successful 

If you have any questions, plese let me know.


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Tom, Thank you. I really appreciate your time to assist me.  I have tried this and it works great.

Once my system is fully set up I will possibly have an alert for every server's backup. Which may be around 300. Are you aware of any maximum limitations in the alerts, and any log file build up as a result of having alerts?

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Just to advise that I set up individual alerts for backup completions that were 'backup' jobs, that had exit status >0, and omitting 0.

I have not been met with any limitations yet, but do expect to have around 500 alerts in place....eventually

Thanks for all who contributed here