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embedded images in shortcuts for Exchange archiving

Created: 15 Dec 2013 • Updated: 23 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
KeirL's picture
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I'm intrerested to know if it's possible to maintain embedded images within a shortcut?

I may decide against this in production but am trying to test the result of setting the shortcut to use the 'message body' and achiving an html item with an embedded image. From what I've seen the image is always stripped out but I read that a registry setting 'removeembeddedattachments' set to 0 would leave them in place - but this also seems to remove the image.

Is there a setting that will still allow me to view an image within a shortcut?



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Rob.Wilcox's picture

I've not tried this out in a while, and I'm not aiming to try it on Sunday either ...  but my question is ...

What are you trying to achieve?  

I know you want to retain the embedded image inline... but why?

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Hi Rob

Please enjoy your weekend - this can wait :o)

I just have a few users who embed images frequently and in talks with them, they say that they can quickly scan through previews and find the email they need purely by seeing the embeded image in the preview pane. It's nothing more than that and not critical either way - I've already said it would add 'size' to to the shortcut so reduce the benefit of 'archiving'. But also I was somewhat curious to know that when EV is configured to use the 'message body' as the shortcut if it would included images embeded within html formatted items.

I think the answer is 'no' but then stumbled across the registry key that indicated it might.



Rob.Wilcox's picture

So I quickly tested this.

I set my policy to have the shortcut content as 'use message body'

I archived an item with an embedded picture. (with some text around it)

Result: Shortcut looked like this:

20-12-2013 19-48-22.png

I also tried the RemoveEmbeddedAttachments and set it to 0.

And the result is actually worse:

20-12-2013 19-54-52.png

So in the end, no i don't think you can what you're after... unless of course, Symantec Support says different.

Reference to registry key: