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EMC CX4 to EMC VNX LUN Migration

Created: 20 May 2014 • Updated: 27 May 2014 | 3 comments
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I have a few challenges I've stumbled onto in regards to a LUN migration involving Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1, a product I am unfamiliar with. I need to migrate the data/luns on the server that our mail archiving system (NearPoint Mimosa) is on from an EMC CX4-240 to an EMC VNX5500. The server hosting the data is Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x64. This server has both EMC Powerpath 5.7 SP2 and also has Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1. We've been doing the data/lun migrations using EMC's PowerPath Migration Enabler. That has worked well. Once we got to this server we found the Veritas Software. It seems to be controlling the disk management, so I can't use typical Windows Disk Management. Once EMC support noticed this they were hesitant to go through with the procedure as they are unfamiliar with Veritas.

I did some checking on my end and it appears Veritas Storage Foundation was put on this server to re-size some partitions.  I don't think the disks were originally formatted using Veritas, but I don't know for certain. All disks within Veritas are in the 'BasicGroup' disk group. Also, whomever did this used the trial version so it is now 1700+ days past expiration.

How should I proceed with this? Should I use Veritas to do the LUN migration? Should I just use the EMC PPME tool like I've been using and the LUNS will work fine? Should I remove Veritas all together? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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If all disks are in the 'BasicGroup' disk group, then Veritas Storage Foundation is not being used and so it is safe to remove.  As Veritas Storage Foundation is not being used then you cannot use Veritas to do the LUN migration unless you migrate disks into Dynamic diskgroups first (which would also require you buy a license).

So I would remove Veritas Storage Foundation and migrate using EMC software. 


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Ok so if I remove Veritas there's no risk of the drives being inaccessible? Thank you for you response, much appreciated! :)

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Yep, it is safe to remove as you have configured only basic diskgroups. Veritas is not in use so shouldn't be a problem.


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