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EMC Datadomain appliance configuration in Netbackup as a VTL

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 8 comments


I am amidst configuring EMC Datadomain as a VTL in Netbackup. Server version is I cannot see VTL through Netbackup. Any specifc configuration guide available ?

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First check in Operating syste if you are able to see Medium change and tape drives.

Run device configuration wizard to configure storage device.


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Thanks Solution4all,

Any plugin required in the Server? My Netbackup server runs on Windows 2003R2.

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No driver required. You need to find the EMC Data Domain administration gude to guide you.

Page 303

Ensure both virtual robot and tape drives are visible form the OS. netbackup reply on the OS device drivers to operate.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Just configure VTL on DD and present it to the mefia server via SAN. Setup procedures in NetBackup is same with that of physical tape libraries.

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Thanks Yasuhisa & Nikolai for your comments,

But unfortunately the Datadomain DD160 doesnt contain SAN HBAs. Hopefully that's why we cannot see it from Veritas server (Media server).

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Well, if you don't have HBA then you have just two options - attach it using CIFS or NFS (both free with Data Domain, but require Enterprise Disk option on the NBU side) or using OST (chargeable option) - these two work over Ethernet.

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FC HBA is necessary on DD to provide VTL service. Without HBAs, you could not configure VTL on DD,

NAS access(NFS/CIFS) and OpenStorage(OST) both requires Enterprise Disk Option license in NetBackup.   And OST also requires DDBoost licese on DD. DD+OST is proven enough. it is not so challengable, I think.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Thanks Mouse & Ishikawa,

That is why I cannot configure Datadomain. Netbackup has provided me with a license key but it doesnt contain Enterprise Disk Option. But Netbackup says with all other licenses it sholude be able to use DD as a VTL.