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.eml to .msg?

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 4 comments


Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same hardship.  When clicking on "Open Original Message" in an incident, the file opens up as a .eml file.  This file type only opens up in Outlook Express and not Outlook.  Even when using the Web Archive feature the file is exported as a .eml file.  Just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of how to convert it to .msg without having to purchase 3rd party software.



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Now that IS an anoying one...

Easy fix is to install outlook 2010... or change the default viewer to notepad (since previous outlook versions wont open it)... not pretty, but eml's are viewable

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You can also change the default applicatiion that opens .eml files to use Outlook. Right click the file and "open with" select outlook

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hello gerald,

 other way to do, if you dont want to change default application.

Once eml is loaded in outlook express you can export them to outlook 'File / Export / Messages'.

You can even create a specific folder in outlook so you will export email to this dedicated folder which will contain your DLP incident.

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Thank you all for your replies.  I should have mentioned that we'd like to get these into .msg so that if a Manager asks to see the orignal email that triggered the incident, we can just forward it to them.

Notepad works for viewing the email but isn't pretty and if the .eml message has an attachment, we'd have to send that separately as well.

When using "open with" Outlook, it just attaches the .eml file as an attachment to a new email message and doesn't actually open the .eml file.

I guess we could request to have Outlook Express installed on our systems, convert to .msg from there and then forward if needed.