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Enable Client Based PST Migration - SQL Query

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Since last few days I was trying to figure best way to enable client drive migration for users in bulk mode and only way found was using ADModify which is pretty decent way to do it... Modify an attribute for bulk users & use that for enabling client drive migration using VAC.

While I was working on it today, I stumbled upon "EnabledPSTImport" bit in ExchangeMailboxEntry table and used below SQL query to make bulk modifications:

Update dbo.EnterpriseVaultDirectory.ExchangeMailboxEntry EME

set EnabledPSTImport = '1'

from EME

--Join a custom table which contains user list for migration in display name format

Inner Join dbo.Database.table T ON EME.MbxDisplayName = T.cUserName

where EME.MbxDIsplayName = T.cUserName

After running this query, when I went to VAC, all mailbox entries changed using above were showing as "Disable for client driven", so I guess they did get enable for client driven migration. And the client drive migration enable message isn't sent out using this way.

This was something new and sudden & changed the EnabledPSTImport bit as intended to (and hopefully worked as intended to). So sharing it out and any thoughts around same are welcome in case I did something wrong and this way shouldn't be used.

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Something sounds a bit wrong here...

You set the 'EnablePSTImport' flag, and then in the VAC all the entries were showing as Disabled?  Or...

Do you mean that you can then right click and choose 'Disable for client driven migration' .. meaning that they were infact enabled.

I wouldn't expect that the email would go out.. and that tallies with what you saw.  [There will be actual code involved in sending out the email, and 'just' setting the flag in the database isn't going to run that code.  If it were import though, it would be possible to write a SQL trigger to send out an email when the flag changes]

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The second option - when I right click and choose 'Disable client..' I see the mailboxes there.

And that was the plan for me, not to generate any email. If someone wishes email to be generated as well,  I agree SQL trigger will do the trick OR can go for ADModify & VAC.

Thank You