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Enable Copy Server Configuration feature

Created: 22 May 2012 | 11 comments

I forgot to enable the Copy Server Configuration Feature when installing BE2012. Anyway, I attempted to add the feature after the fact by going to Install Options and Licenses section and long story short, the "Copy to other Servers" option still is not available. What next???

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Did you select Central Admin Server Option (CASO) from the Features list on Configure Options screen?

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No, I didn't select that option because I did not purchase that add-on, but did have the Copy Server Configuration option. Do I now have to purchase the CASO in order to get that feature??

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I forgot to mention that I also clicked on the "View Licensing Information" link from the Licensing and Maintenance Contracts section on the BE2012 Home Tab and it indeed shows the Copy Server Configurations option installed and licensed as shown below.

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This feature is only availabe if you've purchase the Central Admin Server Option (CASO).  It is accessible off the Configuration and Settings menu and is called 'Copy Settings to Other Servers'

It allows you to copy configuration settings and logon information from one Backup Exec server to another. This copy ability allows you to quickly set up a group of Backup Exec servers with the same configuration or logon settings.

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I need some clarification.  If you run the Backup Exec install, "Copy Server Configuration" is selected.  But when you go to Backup Exec UI and select "Configration and Settings | Copy Settings to Other Servers", you can't select it?

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That is exactly what is happening (LOOK AT THE SCREENSHOT ABOVE) 

Although I have the proper license options as shown above, Symantec has changed the rules by only giving you that feature in BE2012 only when you also have the CASO, which I don't need or want so now it would seem that I would have to buy the CASO add-on if I also want this feature to now work so my only option is to roll back to an image of my older BE2010 R3 versioned server and forget upgrading unless I can accept losing a feature that I have paid for because of this snafu.

Personally, in my case, Symantec should have given me the CASO add-on for free as a courtesy being that they changed the rules after the fact. Second, if they give me the CASO, I would'nt use it for free anyway, I only want it for the Copy Server Configuration feature.

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Copy Server Configurations

Enables you to copy configuration settings and logon information between Backup Exec servers. This option is recommended for environments that contain multiple Backup Exec servers. This option is required for the Central Admin Server Option.

For CASO this option is mandatory. Hence, when you select Central Admin Server Option during Install, the 'Copy Server Configurations' option gets checked (with grayed out check box which is checked i.e. mandatory)

However, in case of multiple Backup Exec servers i.e. without CASO, the option can be enabled during Install. (normal check box which can be either checked or unchecked).

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Thanks for the info Bhavik, but as I said earlier, I'm not using, nor have I paid for a license for the CASO, so that's out of the question. What I did pay for the is the "Copy Server Configuations" option and as you can see above from my screenshot, I have indeed installed and licensed this feature but in the Configuration and Settings Menu, the option is not available.

I'm going to call support today and will post my finding here, thanks for the help but it looks like the solution to this problem lies with Symantec support......

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After reproducing this issue on a test environment and confirming that Copy Settings to Other Servers is unavailable under Configurations and Settings, i attempted to research a little more and I found this technote related to the issue: - The option "Copy Settings to another server" is not available on a Managed Media Server (MMS) server.

There is an open etrack on this issue. I know it refers to MMS server's, but we've tested and confirmed it to be present on standalone media servers too.

For now, please subscribe to this article and Symantec will keep you updated on the issue. 

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Thanks again for the information and as I said below, Symantec does indeed have a small problem here but luckily there are multiple fixes in place. I've already closed my support ticket but will try to call support again and point them to this Symantec KB article you referenced from TECH189531 for more answers.

My guess is that they will probably give me the CASO as the easiest solution unless they come up with a fix in the next few weeks for this issue when I upgrade those servers.

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After speaking with support, it looks as if the Copy Server Configuration option is now tied to the CASO, so if you have purchased this feature without the CASO, you are going to lose it when you upgrade. What I was told was to contact licensing and argue:

  1. I am paying for a feature that I am not getting so Symantec needs to adjust my license costs to reflect the removal of that feature.
  2. Offer me the CASO for free, being that they switched the rules without warning.
  3. Buy the CASO to get that feature.

For me Option #2 will be what I'll be after since it seems like the only fair option as it would be a bait and switch technically.

For all of you who have the Copy Server Configuration option without the CASO, expect to lose the feature during the upgrade process. A workaround suggested by Symantec is to:

  1. Upgrade your server(s) as a trial without installing the licenses
  2. Enable the CASO and Copy Server Configuration option when prompted
  3. Copy your server configurations to your other servers, which should also be running in Trial Mode
  4. After configuations are copied, license your servers as normal