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Enable EV for New Mailbox

Created: 04 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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We have Enterprise Vault 9.02 and Exchange 2007 organization. In our infrastructure we have Enterprise vault application installed on Virtual environment. So far we have enabled around 43K users. We are planning to target Entire Exchange organization to the default provisioning group, so once the new mailbox gets created it will be enabled for archiving. Just wanted to know the experts, what are the precautions & considerations before we get this done.

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How many more people do you have to Enable?

I'm assuming you have multiple EV Servers and multiple storage groups correct?
The main issue would be to make sure NOT to set a default Vault Store on the provisioning group and instead set the default vault store on the Server properties itself, otherwise you will have all your users going to the one Vault store and overloading it

also another issue with shoving everyone in the same provisioning group is it doesn't really allow for any granularity, it means that everyone will have the same policies, both on what gets archived, but also on the desktops and what the users see in outlook.

You may want to be more granular like splitting users based on geography or by role.
For instance, in some large organizations, they have Call Center workers unaware of EV, so they set the policy to NOT create shortcuts and NOT delete the originals and have it archive more than a week

Then they have Sales people set up for Virtual Vault and Vault cache etc

But if everyones under the same policy, you enable vault cache, everyone gets vault cache etc

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Thanks Jesus, here are my answers

How many more people do you have to Enable?

 - No count limitations, because whenever the new mailbox gets created it should be enabled for archiving.

I'm assuming you have multiple EV Servers and multiple storage groups correct?

-  We have 12 servers overall & 12 Vault store accordingly.

We are not using shortcut method. We have vault cache enabled.

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If you are using Vault Cache exclusively and Virtual Vault, I would highly recommend upgrading to 10 SP2, or at least use the 10 SP2 clients for your end users machines, because each client and server comes witha boat load of usability and stability fixes for vault cache.

But really as long as you arent setting defaults on the provisioning groups, then you should be ok, as long as that fits with your companies archiving strategy