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Enabling collections

Created: 24 Aug 2006 • Updated: 25 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
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Im trying to enable collections on our vault partition, however whenever I try specify a collection file size of 200MB, I get an error message saying choose an integer between 1 and 99. Can anyone assist\explain what I need to do?


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Lee Allison's picture

Well, 200MB is the default size. Is there any integer that you CAN enter into that field?

From the docs...

Maximum collection file size:

Limit collection files to megabytes: Enter the maximum size for collection files. The default size is 200 MB; you may want to change this to optimize the use of your backup media.

Note that increasing the size of collection files means it will take longer to restore archived items because Enterprise Vault must recall complete collection files before extracting the files to be restored

Shane Seagreen's picture

I read this section in the documentation, if i try to select a number bigger than 99 for the collection file size, it wont let me, hence me asking

TonySterling's picture

The documentation is incorrect and is bugged to be fixed. Maximum is 99.


Lee Allison's picture

Is the default size of 200mb correct?

TonySterling's picture

No. Default is now 10MB.

Micah Wyenn's picture

The support folks I talked to say 10mb is the "most bang for the buck". You get a good smattering of dvs files in a 10mb cab, it relieves some of the "small file syndrome" for your backups, and when you do a restore it doesn't have to decompress a huge cab file. Your mileage may vary depending on hardware and usage.


Robert Ton's picture

Assume I set the default size of my collections to 10 MB...what happens with individual items larger than 10 MB?

Micah Wyenn's picture

Whelp, if they're fifty mb or more they actually get made in to .dfs files, and aren't even indexed. But for the sake of arguement, let's assume we're talking about 10 to 50mb files here. I've seen two things happen in the field. In some cases (when you're talking about the smaller end of the scale), the files get added to the cab's anyhow, and you'll end up with cabs that are 10-25mb in size. In other cases (when you're talking about the larger end of the scale), the big files are just left alone (since they don't classify as "small", and are technically 2x the size of the cab).

I'm sure someone in support can explain the real logic that's going on under the hood...but that's what I've seen in the field.


Lee Allison's picture

I know that the messages that *might* be collected have to pass a fair number of checks before they actually qualify. If larger messages are not being collected then obviously they aren't passing those checks. I just don't remember the details of what they were.

As far as not indexing the larger files there's two reasons for that. Firstly, the larger files have a tendency to gum up indexing and can cause issues. Also, think about it realistically, most files of the sizes we're talking about are MP3's or MOV files, things with little or no indexable content.