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Encrypt Whole Disk fails

Created: 26 May 2011 • Updated: 26 May 2011 | 1 comment

I'm attempting to encrypt an external USB hard drive using PGP WDE for Mac 10.1.1. The disk has been cleanly formatted as a Mac OS X Extended volume, and passes checks in Disk Utility. Whenever I begin the process, PGP gets a few hundred megabytes in and then fails, ejecting the disk in the process.

Here's the relevant log output:

2011-05-26 20:48:20:	Switched logging level to Debug
2011-05-26 20:49:29:	-[CPGPWDEController (0x16E16730) addUser:toWholeDisk:withPassphrase:admin:] Adding user to whole disk
2011-05-26 20:49:30:	WDRT Generated: 74VFY-W00GM-DKDKD-CMH62-G9Q1Z-0FE
2011-05-26 20:49:30:	-[CPGPWDEController (0x16E16730) encryptWholeDisk:withPassphrase:preinstrument:safemode:] Encrypting whole disk
2011-05-26 20:50:05:	(Thread 2961342464) -[CPGPOvidLogger (0x2B0D600) sendBadSectorEventForDisk:badSectors:] Null pointer value: wholeDisk (bad parameters)

What would be causing this and how do I fix it?

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mallardduck's picture

1) Make sure that it's been partitioned as GUID (not just erased).

2) Disk utility isn't a reliable indication of drive failure - you may be hitting bad sectors.

3) If it's a pre-built unit, many of them have hidden/virtual partitions that show up as additional volumes or virtual CD's.  Those are generally incompatible with PGP, and likely cannot be removed, just hidden.