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Encrypted Outbound Mails

Created: 26 Jan 2011
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I just set up the newest version of a PGP Universal Server...
Generally it's working fine, but I'd like to change one setting...

I've configured a mail proxy which is forwarding mails to a MTA ... If a sending mail is decrypted, the mail will be forwarded to the MTA, but when I encrypt the mail, the PGP Universal Server sends the mail directly and is not forwarding the mail to the MTA .. we didn't configure a reverse DNS for the PGP, so mailservers that are using the reverse DNS function are dropping the mail ...

My question is now: Is there any chance to forward all (decrypted / encrypted) mails to the MTA?

 What is the placement of the Universal Server? Is it in Gateway or Internal placement? Please refer to the following article for more information on the Internal placement option as I believe that should be the one you would need.


We defined the Gateway placement ... but configured "Send all outbound mail to relay".

So we have to change the placement to Internal placement ?

Is there any chance to change it afterwards ?

There are ways to change it but I wouldn't recommend it, in case you do wish to do this you should contact PGP support so they can assist you with it as it involves using command line. The best solution would be to re install the server using the correct placement configuration.

No need to reinstall the whole server while the proxies can be changed in the webui , correct me if im wrong caroline, but those first "questions" in the initial setup are just there to do some quick-steps and put the ip/hostnames of mailservers defined during setup in the right proxies ,

you can always change afterwards, by adding removing proxies... therefore ?