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Encryption key not being detected - BE 2010 R2

Created: 07 Nov 2012 | 3 comments


I have two sites, both sites have backup devices attached to servers with BE 2010 R2 installed. Both instances of BE are configured with 

unique encryption keys. 

I am trying to import and catalog a tape from one site, to the other. I have configured another encryption key with the details form  the other site (key name, passphrase) on the server where im performing the catalog job. 

It looks to me like the catalog job cant find the key I configured to perform the decryption, the job fails with - V-79-57344-3856 The encryption key required by this set (key name: ...) could not be retrieved.

Im sure the passphrase is correct, it is centrally stored in a 3rd party key database. 

Have i possibly missed a step somewhere? Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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Just one other thing...the type should be same as well...common or restricted on both sites.

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Thanks, ive checked and they are the same (common) on both servers.

Any other ideas?

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Inventory was run before the catalog right ? Try re-creating the encryption keys  with same bit type, passphrase & key type...I am guessing its automatically retreiving the other unique encryption key on this media server..