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Endless install loop for PGP 10 on Win7

Created: 08 Aug 2011 | 3 comments

So I install PGP on my new Win7-64 machine and everything works fine.  In particular, I can deal with encrypted objects saved from my blown-up XP-32 system.

Then I re-start the machine and PGP pops up an install message, looking for an msi file that was deleted (presumably at the end of successful installation).  Naturally, upon not finding the file, it aborts and I have no PGP.

What's going on?


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Does the same thing happen if you log in as a different user? (That will help us determine whether it is machine wide or just your user account.)

What, specifically, does the dialog say when it begins the attempt to re-install?

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This is usually due to installing the PGP Desktop msi installer off of a network share. The fix is to uninstall PGP Desktop. Then copy down the msi to a local folder on your hard drive (that the user has access to). Then reinstall the product from there. This is usually due to the product looking for the msi file to install additional components under the users profile and not being able to reach the MSI install path at that time.

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Through trial and error I found that a registry cleaner bundled with my Sony Vaio VPCF120FD laptop was cleaning out / deleting files related to the uninstall files for PGP Desktop 10.x.

Workaround was to:

1. configure the Sony "Vaio Care" registry cleaner to NOT clean out uninstaller files,

2. uninstall PGP Desktop V10, and

3. reinstall PGP Desktop V10

While not a windows techhead, am guessing this might relate to accidental deletion of the PGP Desktop msi installer referred to in an earlier pos on this this problem.

PS For sony vaio laptop users, open VAIO Care, click on the settings icon near top right of screen, click on the "Registry Cleaner" in the left pane, and then deselect (i.e. remove tick from) the Uninstall option.

PPS For others running Windows and using various registry cleaners, you might want to see if there's a similar configuration option available that you could deselect.

Best of luck!  It always helps.