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Endpoint Password Manager?

Created: 07 Oct 2011 | 4 comments


I have recently added Endpoint Protection to my server and local PC's.  Problem is I had to uninstall my "Norton 360" program that included "identity safe" password manager.  I was hoping I could disable all features (anti-virus etc) and leave it on the PC for the sole reason of the password manager.

In the end I had to uninstall the Norton 360 product and all parts including identity safe.

Is there an addin for Endpoint that is a password manager similar to "Identity Safe"?

What program do you use or does everyone remember your 20 or 30 passwords?

Not sure what direction to go so any advice would be appreciated.


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Mithun Sanghavi's picture


I apologize to inform you that Symantec Endpoint Protection does not support Identity Safe, nor is it available as an add-on.

Endpoint is an Enterprise level product.  The Identity Safe feature is only available on the consumer products.

Probably, Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Edition may help your requirements.

It offers boot protection, pre-boot authentication, and pre-boot event logging and supports Single Sign-On (SSO) to avoid the need to remember and enter multiple passwords.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Sine 2007, I have used third party open source program Password Safe for password management -- . (This is a personal recommendation, not a Symantec endorsement.) Hope this helps!


Symantec, Senior Information Developer
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Second the password safe!

Symantec Technical Specialist

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I agree with Sandra the information she shared in correct .

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