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Endpoint Protection Client Installation Issue

Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

Been having many issues with this new product just like most of the users. After the upgrade of SEPM we are having additional issue. "Go Figure"... I have followed the directions as stated on the documentation from symantec. I have created a new group and moved 2 test machines to test the upgrade process. I went through the process of deploying the upgrade and nothing happens with the computers.

I then remove the program from the add/remove programs. When I try to reinstall it from the CD or exported exe it will start the install then towards the end of the process it hands. If I terminate the process, the shield will show up in the system tray. It also shows to be communicating with the server but if you open it, no symantec applications will be installed. No antivirus, next work stuff or anything. I can then go to the help and support>troubleshoot and it shows to be in the group and location awarness is enabled. Now once I reboot the machine the application is gone.

Does anyone what could be causing the client not to fully install?

Also, has anyone had the same problem of deploying the install package or commands and the units don't respond. If you found a solution can you tell me what you did.


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If i understand you correctly you migrated the server from 11.0.x->11.0.1000 (mr1) and trying to upgrade the clients using the package install tab.

1)Clients->Install packages->Add MR1 to the client list. 11.0.1000.1375
2) Set your settings
3) Add a notification because i think it's a silent upgrade.
4) Be patient it took a long time (~24hours for all my clients to move)

Some things I foudn to help speed up the process.
1) Rebooting the server. It causes the clients to reconnect, and see an update is waiting for them? I think the rollout is sequetial and not broadcast? This is why it takes a long time?
2) Force the client to update its policy. (Same as above)


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Restarting the service for the management console should have the same check in results, if you need to avoid a server reboot.