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Endpoint protection manager is showing wrong information

Created: 22 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 14 comments
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Hi All,

          We have about 350 clients in which endpoint protection 12.1 is running but in manager console it is showing some systems are having outdated definitions but in practical when i open gui of client there it is showing definitions are up to date.. I do not know why this problem is coming can any one help me to get out of this..



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Are you using Clone Image ?

Clients cannot send data back to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Check John Q commnets

look this discussion

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HI Manish

       No iam not using clone image

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Navigate to SEPM\data\inbox

clear all the .err or .tmp file.( You may back up first)

then run the management server configration wizard.

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Select the home page and click on preferences & check whether any technology is disabled or not.

If any SEP technology is disabled in the console e.g. SONAR or Autoprotect then it may happen that definitions are not updated for that technology and SEPM is showing out of date status.

Verify the Virus & Spyware policy & make sure all the features are enabled.

If it's not the case then update us with the exact SEPM & SEP client version.

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
Enterprise Technical Support

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HI Chetan

    All features are enabled and the versions are as follows

       SEPM      12.1.1101.401    RU1 MP1

       SEP         12.1.1101.401    RU1 MP1

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HI Sammer,

       I am not able to open the link which you have given the following error is coming KB Article not found

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HI Rafeeq

    I have cleared temp and error files but my problem is not solved

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May be the client are having corrupted ddefinition

How to clear out definitions for a Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 client manually
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Thanks & Regard

Honey Jack

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hi      honey_jack

        All clients are getting updates from same server and yhe client is not connected to internet it is getting updates from main server only so i dont think it is not a corrupted definitions
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Please upgrade to SEP 12.1.2 MP1


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Hi SameerU

Some of my clients are having low disk space and ram that is the  reason I am not intersted to upgrade fronm 12.1.1 to 12.1.2

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I understand but its always recomended to be on the latest version as there are many fixes.