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Endpoint Protection SBS 2013 Cloud questions

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
dcraftfrombr's picture

Why do we have to uninstall Malwarebytes to install and run SEP SBS 2013? Malwarebytes should be able to co-exist.Until SEP finds and removes everything Malwarebytes does, I still need it.

2nd question is how do we adjust the cloud client to add exceptions and tell it to only scan programs files, etc? My clients are complaining that their PCs are much slower after removing Microsoft Security Essentials and installing SEP SBS 2013. What can we do to speed things up?



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Brɨan's picture

How did it come about that Malwarebytes needs to be uninstalled in order to install 2013?

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dcraftfrombr's picture

SEP will not install until you remove Malwarebytes. It gives an error message telling you that it must be removed and then exits.I have been able to remove it, install SEP and then reinstall it, but then SEP scans it tells me that Malwarebytes  needs to be removed. Hence why I need to know how to put the Malwarebytes folder as an exception to not scan.

pete_4u2002's picture

why do you need to run 2 antimalware software on the machine. it's not recommended.

dcraftfrombr's picture

2 antivirus programs is not recommended. 2 antimalware programs should be ok. And we do not load the trial of Malwarebytes, so that program only runs when we need it to.

As to why? ... because Malwarebytes finds and cleans things that SEP does not.

What I don't understand is WHY SEP conflicts with Malwarebytes. I have never had a problem with any prior version of SEP, just the SBS 2013 Cloud client.

Brɨan's picture

This is also confusing to me. Malwarebytes is a "second opinion" scanner. I've used it for many years in conjunction with SEP without issue. It's a beautiful thing IMO and you can never be to safe.

I would question support as to the reasoning behind this.

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Fiendslayer Paladin's picture

Hi there,

Essentially, has been known to be incompatible with several other known Anti Virus products.

What often happens is that the one program will view the other as a threat and try to remove certain files, etc, and cause one or both applications to become corrupt. will not install if you have any other AV program present, however for the majority if you uninstall the first AV service, install, you can then install the previous AV software back over the top and it will work.

This is a know solution for the Dell Protection Suite, as an example, so that might be worth giving it a try. Failing that, you won't be able to have both installed unfortunately. If there are virus' that doesn't find - you can report these via the website or contact the support team directly.

Hope this helps


- FP