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Endpoint Server (Discover and Prevent) Installation

Created: 25 Mar 2013 • Updated: 26 Mar 2013 | 8 comments
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We are licensed for both Endpoint Discover and Endpoint Prevent.

When I went through the install process I was planning to install Endpoint Discover first and Prevent later, but it didn't ask if the server is to be either a Endpoint Discover or Endpoint Prevent server.  Is a single installation process that automatically installs both in one server?

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in the console, do you see as an endpoint? if yes it will be discover and prevent .

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In the console it says "Endpoint" under Channels.  It doesn't specifiy whether it is Discover or Prevent.  I thought those where two different servers.

I would rather it be a single install, but I want to make sure.

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Symantec™Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent monitors
files downloaded to local drives and blocks files transferred
over email, IM, Web or FTP; copied to USB, Compact Flash,
SD or other removable media; burned to CD/DVD; copied or
pasted; captured via Print Screen; and printed or faxed
Prevent confidential data loss with comprehensive
endpoint event coverage
• Monitor and block endpoint activity that violates data
security policies
• Ensure legitimate business practices
• Easily deploy and manage all endpoint agents
so it stops the conent form leaving @ the endpoint doesnt matter if it is on or off network.
you need to configure policies around prevent to stop the content from leaving. Once the rules re completed click onthe policy you want to enforce and under reposnse apply them.
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the discover scans are done from the discover server, you n eed to set those up in there... 

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I don't know what you are saying.

Does another server need to be installed or is this single server already discover and prevent combined in one?

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No more servers need to be setup 

discover server does scans for endpoints and sql, exchange. file shares. 

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you have license for both correct? there is no need to install another detection server.
Using the same agent as Endpoint Prevent, Endpoint Discover lets you examine your hard drive for any data that is a potential risk. Endpoint Discover can scan the endpoint hard drive and external hard drives, but it cannot scan removable media such as CD/DVD drives or USB devices. Endpoint prevent will stop the copying of the files to USB, CD/DVD.

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If you have the endpoint server role installed then you can do any endpoint functionality for which you are licenced fromt hat server. You only need to install a discover server if you want to scan some non endpoint based items such as Exchange or SQL.