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Endpont protection 11-what are the user objects for?

Created: 18 Nov 2010 | 2 comments

I am in the endpoint protection manager 11 console, looking at a group called PRE. Most of my groups are full of computer objects as you would expect.  One group has a lot of "user objects" in it. They are icons that look like users. What are they for?

I am seeing some odd behavior on a package I have  created. I have set the package to add new machines to the default group. The package is adding the computer object to a completely different group called PRE. This pre group contains my user ID. Is the software putting the computer obect in the PRE group because my user is there? I was logged on to the server with the user acount shown, when symantec was remotely installed, using the migration and deployment wizard.

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User objects are the computers installed or converted in User Mode.

You may need to check the Package that you have created if it is User Mode.

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It sounds like your account is associated with user mode. As such any clients you install with that account, or client machines you log into with that account, will be changed to User Mode. User Mode essentially assigns the clients' groups and policies based on the user account that is logged in, as opposed to Computer Mode which assigns specific computers to groups.

Most likely what is occuring is the package itself, as mentioned above, is installing machines into User Mode or because all of the User Mode clients are associated with your account name they are getting converted to User Mode upon registration with the SEPM console.

We have a utility that will assist you with converting all of these clients to Computer Mode. You could then move them to the correct groups. I would recommend to call into support and open a case. A technician can provide you with the utility if you desire.

An alternative option would be to manually select each User Mode client, right click on the client, and select Switch to Computer Mode. Once they have been converted to the desired mode you can right click and move the clients to the desired groups.

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