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Enhanced Console Views - HF1 and MP1

Created: 02 Dec 2013 | 5 comments
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In the SIM, the products Enhanced Console Views HF1 (7.5.1598) and Enhanced Console Views MP1 (7.5.1599) are available to be installed as updates.  I can't seem to find anything specific about what the HF1 and MP1 items do.  

Presumably they fix known issues but there don't seem to be any release notes other than a vague comment in the HF1 release notes of "Security enhancement for this component is implemented.".  There don't seem to be any Release notes for MP1 (yet?).

Can anyone tell me what these new Enhanced Console View hotfixes and maintenance packs are?  Given the version numbers are only one increment each is someone fixing typos and hitting compile?  wink

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Enhanced Console Views HF1 is a part of Symantec™ IT Management Suite 7.5 HF1

Release Notes are available by next link:

In Enhanced Console Views - HF1 Only security enhancement was implemented.

Enhanced Console Views MP1 is a part of ITMS Admin iPad app 1.0

Release Notes are available by next link:



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  I am having a problem with the HF1 release notes you linked. 

The URL you've tried isn't returning content. There are two possibilities:

The article is protected and requires you to be signed into an authorized account to read it

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Hi burndtjammer,

It's very strange as this KB Article is published officialy for public usage. I can see it without authorizing by using the SymAccount. Please try again or try to use full link.



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All 3 links work for me without internal access.

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