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Created: 24 Jun 2011 | 4 comments

This is FOUR OSX updates in a row that have broken PGP with NO CLEAR GUIDANCE or email notification from the company.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  The one poor guy in the forums is NOT sufficient coverage for mission critical software that breaks and renders machines unbootable on a regular basis.

And before some nit-wit from Symantec suggests that we always do a decrypt/encrypt cycle when upgrading, let me point out the problems: It takes over a day to do that with a fast 750GB hard drive, puts huge stress on the drive, and because of the instability issues in the product, renders the machine unsafe to use during that process.

We were PROMISED postings to the encryption blog regarding issues like this.  NO POSTING has been made regarding 10.6.8 (or 10.6.7 for that matter), let alone an email.  Even corporate customers have not properly been informed as to the compatibility issues - my employer is a very large PGP customer, and we now have bricked machines in-house.  Again.  For the fourth time.   It's not just retail customers.

The product issues are a real problem, and perhaps understandable given the circumstances, but this total lack of communication has been going on for years - it's a CHOICE by the company leaders to treat customers like garbage.

I now believe that Symantec wants to kill the OSX product and is deliberately treating customers like mushrooms (kept in the dark, fed a lot of "fertilizer" insert the appropriate word) to force us all to migrate to 10.7 and the FileVault WDE. 

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I am trying to find out which programs to clean the registry are safe to use with PGP whole disk encryption on a WIN-7 64 bit system?

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I was able to use the registry cleaning component of CCleaner on my test Win-7 64 bit laptop successfully (yes it has PGP).  It's free but it's not too agressive.  I don't usually trust agressive reg cleaners anyway.  I'd rather unencrypt/reinstall everything before running one of those.  Obviously, I'd try it on your test system first.

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Didn't know that the forums was the official way of getting Symantec support.

I always thought the best and preferred method was telephone.

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For Symantec PGP technical support, please see this. 

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