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Enterpise vault backup of 7TB

Created: 17 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

We have two Enterprise server having 7TB of data each. I need your advice for configuring this backup. Please find my constraints

1, We run backup only on nonbusiness hours

2, existing drives will be busy writing other backups

3, We have policy configured for these server for local drives excluding mount points (Type: MS-Windows-NT)

4, mount point have 7 TB of data each

5, Client is asking for one time backup at least.

6, Please help me how to give a solution for this, so that I can finish the backup without running on business hours.

NetBackup version: 6.5.6

We don’t have media server configured on this server as this is a one time backup.

We are using LTO3 tapes, I hope 32 tapes required for this backup

Please let me know for more information.

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First off make sure EV is in read only mode before starting the backup - depending on the version of EV this will be either using the powershell or registry entries

Next, make sure your backups backup the EV partitions, Indexes and SQL databases whilst EV is in read only mode so that all backup sets are consistent to allow a proper recovery.

The actual backup itself depends on what licenses you have and how your mount points are configured.

Due to the slow nature of EV backups using a flash-backup policy type is best against the partitions - at least for the relatively full ones.

If you cannot do that then at least make as many streams as possible (being careful not to misss any data)

If, as you say, your drives are busy doing other jobs then I am not really sure where the EV jobs will go?

If you dedicated a couple of drives to the job via a new storage unit and set multiplexing very high then you may get some decent backup rates to tape.

If the EV server is virtual then use a vSphere backup

Give a little more detail - how many mount points - how they are setup and what size each of these is (and how much free space) plus how many drives can be spared then i can assist further

Hope the above helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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