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Enterprise Disk License

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 25 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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What is the Enterprise disk license used for ?

I'm asking this question because I want to know why do I need that license because if the VTL will appear to my windows system in the end as a tape library so why do I need a license ? or this license is to make the netbackup aware that this is a disk so that the backup operation will be just faster ?? or this is wrong and the VTL without this option will not work at all ?? 

I'm trying to find any document about the license but I failed to reach any

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hi ,
you can check below discussion..Mark has provided good info about this..
<<<copied from above fourm>>

The licensing guide states the following for the NetBackup Data Protection Optimization Option:

Enterprise Disk Option Considerations
For customers using standard licensing model, NetBackup Data Protection Optimization Option includes many features that are normally available through Enterprise Disk Option. Specifically, customers can make use of NetBackup Storage Life Cycle Policies, NetBackup Media Server Load Balancing, NetBackup OpenStorage connectivity and NetBackup Cloud-store connectivity.

So if you want to utilse a Dedupe or non-Dedupe VTL you need the Enterprise Disk license.

If you want to utilse the Accelerator functionality you need the netbackup data protection optimisation option instead of the Enterprise Disk license.

The guide also state for AIR requiremens:

The Automatic Image Replication feature is a part of the Storage Lifecycle Policies feature and requires the Enterprise Disk license and, where appropriate, the Data Protection Optimization option license, for both the source and target domains.

So to utilise AIR you need either the Enterprise Disk License or the Data Protection Optimisation license.


and below is form
Enterprise Disk Option
This option includes support for third-party deduplication
devices such as virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and OpenStorage
storage solutions from Symantec partners.
Protect your data using third-party disk appliances that
support the NetBackup open integration standard,
OpenStorage (OST). NetBackup OpenStorage extends unique
features, that improve the management and operations
through of third-party devices by taking advantage of the
unique capabilities of each device, such as deduplication and
replication. A number of Symantec Technology Enabled
Program (STEP) partners are participating and have brought
unique solutions to the market.
hope this helps..
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Mahmoud, as Symantec Partner you have access to PartnerNet, right?

Download 'Netbackup Licensing Guide'. It has ALL the answers to your licensing questions.

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