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Enterprise PKI Gateway LDAP installation

Created: 16 Oct 2013 • Updated: 06 Jun 2014


I'm trying to install Enterprise PKI Gateway on a Windows Server 2008. I have currently running a LDAP server on CentOS, so I want to connect the Enterprise PKI Gateway with the LDAP server. I'm not that familiar with LDAP configurations, so I need some help filling in the configurations that the program needs. I can't find any documentation examples for these LDAP configurations so i'm forced to ask this on a forum.

I have a administrator with Bind privileges named "cn=openam". The User Base DN is "dc=config,dc=nl.

Then the User Filter has to be filled in. I'm not able to find the filters that restrict users access. 

User Certificate, can I leave that on the default value? or do I need to manually add tha attribute?

The Service Attribute and DN are both not clear to me. Could someone give me a example?

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