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Created: 19 Jun 2013 • Updated: 19 Jun 2013 | 3 comments
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Looking at centralising management of Backupexec 2012. Now from reading it seems that you install Enterprise Server Option which allows you to manage Backup Exec servers. I would also need a license for each backupexec Server Managed ?

I am gathering this type of solution would allow me to create jobs and send restore jobs to managed backup exec servers ? the reason i asked the last question is because i came across this comment in the technical features Brief.

Although backup and restore tasks cannot be dispatched centrally from the central administration server to a managed Backup Exec server that is managing device and media information locally, the central administration server can still monitor the managed Backup Exec server for status and task results, and perform some tasks such as executing backup tasks. In this configuration, some backup operations for the managed Backup Exec server must be managed by a local administrator at the remote site.

Confused as one part of the brief says yes you can and another says no.

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The distinction is the statement about "managing device and media locally"

By default the CAS server maintains the device and media management and the CAS server can then distribute jobs and also track the status of jobs that are created in the local consoles of the MBEs

If you change the setting to have the MBEs manage their own devcie and media settings then some of the ability of ther CAS server is limited.

With regards your licensing question - you always need a media server license for any server runnign as a media server.

The ESO license give you the ability to configure one of the servers as a CAS to centrally manage settings and monitor job operations.

Please note that to distribute agent jobs form the CAS server to the MBE servers you may need the specific agent licenses on the CAS as well as the MBEs

For instance if the MBE is going to backup an Exchange server, then CAS cannot configure the Exchange options in the job to send to the MBE unless you have the Exchange agent license on the CAS as well. Similarly if you put the Exchnage license only on the CAS and not on the MBE then you can create the job on the C AS but it will give a license failure message when it tries to run on the MBE.

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So could i use the same exchange license twice like on the CAS and MBE and if so i am gethering this would not cause some issues?

Thanks for the help.  So just to clarify in a fully centralised managed environment i could manage my whole backup estate from a centralised console. Backups and restore jobs ?

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Support don't deal with the legal requirements of licensing our custoemr carr team handle that and they do not normally monitor these forums. As such to confirm if you are allowed to use the same Exchange Agent license on both the CAS and the MBE you need to speak to out Customer Support team directly.

You can initiate both backup and restore jobs from the CAS, depending on exactly how you configured the catalog and device and media database locations when setting up your CASO/ESO environment.