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Enterprise Vault 10 Client and Internet Explorer 6

Created: 20 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello All

Yesterday we had an issue in one of our offices where users were not able to access vaulted items and that Outlook was freezing when trying to access archived items. We tried general troubleshooting like resetEVclient.exe, restarting Windows search service, disabling vault cache etc. but nothing seem to worked it seems.

We were then notified that recently enterprise vault 10 client was pushed out to that office and we noticed that those users were using Internet explorer 6 due to business application requirement which was causing the issue. Once we un-installed EV10 client and re-installed Enterprise vault 9.0.1 HTTP client, everything returned to normal. EV9.0.3 client also exhibited same behaviour as EV10, so i am guessing EV9.0.1 is last working version with legacy internet explorer.

Just sharing to make sure if you're planning to roll out EV10 client in your environment, please make note of above issue that you might face with legacy internet explorer.

Thanks !

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AKL - Thank you for bringing this up. 

As of the latest Compatbility List, IE 6 is not supported with EV 9 or 10.  It wouldn't surprise me that earlier versions of EV 9 would work.

Compatbility List

See Page 20 for Web browser supportability.