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Enterprise Vault 10 License

Created: 31 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
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Hello everybody

By Installing_and_Configuring guide of Enterprise vault 10 following types of Enterprise Vault license are available:

Production license

Trialware license

Temporary licenses

Production license is not interesting in test envirionment.

Tell me please, how and where I can obtaine a trialware or temporary licencse of EV 10?

Thank you very much.

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You should contact your Sales rep or/and your SYMC account manager if you have one. They should be able to release EV10 trail licenses.

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You may also Try contacting Symantec licensing Dept to get the trailware License file>

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Actually, if you download the Trialware software they will send you a temp license:

I do recommend working with an EV partner or Symc if you really wish to evaluate EV.  There are quite a few things that go into making an EV deployment successfull and not recommended to just wing it.

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Thanks everybody for your respond.

I am from Ukraine, and we haven't own Sales rep.

I tryed yesterday to contact with Russian Sales rep - but at the web site publish wrong tel. number (first of all I cann't connect with anybody, because my mobile operator told me - number is wrong, second -  +353 - this is Ireland, not Russia).

I try to contact with License center - but when i fill in form on web site, they asked my Contact ID, Company ID or other information. But I am not a client yet. And, ofcourse, haven't identical information.


I downloading now by you link. I will tell you about license key mail so late...

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Tony. You was absolutely right. I downloaded from Trialware by your link and received trial licence key by my email.

Does Symantec have a some virtual machines with a EV 10 (ofcourse I mean all infrastructure: DC,DNS,Exchange Server, EV)?

Because I read very old articles

"...we elected to use a preinstalled demonstration environment that Symantec provided for our testing...."

P.S.: It necessary to post this message in dedicate post?

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Hi Zubkoff,

No, due to licensing issues with MSFT for Exchange, SQL, Windows, etc.. Symantec doesn't offer a pre-built virtual machine.  The article you referenced was more of a one-off kind of deal and not something that is generally done.