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Enterprise Vault 5 SP3 with Exchange 2003 SP2

Created: 02 Jun 2006 • Updated: 21 Dec 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi there,
Does anybody know if Exchange 2003 SP2 is supported with EV5 SP3 ? According to the compat. list it is only supported as of EV5 SP5, is this the case?

Thanks to all

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this is the link to the cert table.

Is this the list you are looking at? You would benefit if you upgraded to sp6, I would recommend it at the least. Why not go to EV 6?Message was edited by:
Tony Sterling

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No actually i was using the product list supported prior to 5.0 SP5 which is my case.

In that document, there is no mention of exchange 2003 SP2 , only SP1.... I agree with the upgrade but i guess my question should have been:

I need to upgrade my exchange 2003 to SP2, do i need to upgrade EV 5.0 SP3 or can i leave it as is??

Thanks again

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According to the cert tables it looks like Exchange 2003 sp2 is supported by all versions of EV 5.

The documented linked to is updated as often as necessary, so that would be the one to refer to.

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I think what Tony is trying to say is, no it is not supported, and definately won't be.

Move to the latest SP and things will be fine.


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You should really update to at least 6.0sp2...especially since 7.0 is coming out. I'm figuring the EOL for support on 5.0 is going to happen sooner rather than later.