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Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 backups fail (unable to set or clear backup mode)

Created: 10 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Ran into this and wanted to share it. I went nuts after upgrading to 9.0.3 and found this workaround with the help of support.

The article title doesn't point very obviously at the problem I experienced so my hope is that this post will tie the 2 together for some folks.

Sometime after the 9.0.3 upgrade Backupexec 2012r3 was unable to backup EV and the backups failed with no error.

The byte count just stopped the time counter on the job continued to increment, canceling job was futile, and I had to reboot the backup server to regain control of it.

As it turned out manually setting and clearing backup mode from the EV console or powershell would have issues, which I attributed to the issue and called support. To clarify backup mode would set or clear but the console or powershell session would hang, you can x out of powershell but the console would just hang and "end task" was required from task manager.

Here is the link to the article on the stored procedure workaround for the effected Vault Store databases, the other databases, directory, fingerprint, etc don't need to touched.

I've contacted support to get my hands on the 9.0.4 patch which is out only a couple of weeks, the backup is running now, when it's done I'll install 9.0.4.

No backups of EV for over 2 weeks, arrgh.

Hopefully some folks will be helped!

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

That's pretty interesting stuff Bryan.. it's great that you shared it with the community.

EV_2006's picture

Hey Bryan

Thank you very very much. We were having such a terrible time with backups not completing, and vault stores remaining in backup mode all the time. Was really hurting bad.

Thanks to your post, we tried the sql script against all our vault store databases, and the problem appears resolved.

thanks again!!!!