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Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 Unable to start Database EnterpriseVaultDirectory

Created: 29 Jul 2013 | 12 comments
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I'm trying to troubleshoot an EV 9.0 environment. It is suppose to be journalling email but the Journal task won't start. I keep seeing this MSSQL$EV error in the event log and want to look into this first. Every few seconds I see this.

Event ID 18456 Source MSSQL$EV - Login failed for user 'domain\user'. [CLIENT:]

I'm also seeing this every few minutes

Event ID 17137 Source MSSQL$EV - Starting up database 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory'.

I reset the Service Account password and changed it under directory properties and restarted all the services but I'm still seeing this error.

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I would suggest going backwards a tiny bit.

Stop all the EV Services.

Wait a few minutes.

Start the Admin and Directory Services.

Wait 5-10 minutes.

Are the errors being logged?

Is there anything in the system event log which might indicate that the machine account no longer has acccess to Active Directory? You could consider then dropping the machine out to a workgroup, rebooting, then adding it back in to the domain (and rebooting).

So what I'm saying is go back to the baby steps first of all and see where the error is coming from.

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Is that the only event ID you see in the event viewer? I mean, event ID 18456. I just found this TN:

However, it appears to be that it should be another event ID with more information just before that one. Also, do you restore any DB or make any changes to the EV server?

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Please have a look into TN (Event ID 5084: Setting database option SINGLE_USER to ON....)

Solution as per Tech note.

1. Stop all Enterprise Vault Services
2. Restart SQL Server Service
3. Start Enterprise Vault Admin and Directory Services
4. Allow the Enterprise Vault Directory database updates to complete [monitor the SQL event log to see when it has completed]
5. Start the remaining Enterprise Vault Services.

If that does not resolve, then please paste complete decription of above events.

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I saw that TN, I do not see Event ID 5084 anywhere. This has been happening for awhile apparently. I just got dragged into it. I have restarted all the services and the errors are still being logged.

I shut down all the services and restarted SQL and then just started the Admin and Directory services.

I saw this error pop up.

Event ID 41122

Monitoring Configuration Utility completed unsuccessfully. Exit code UpgradeError(21). Additional info: Upgrade failed

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


Even after waiting once I started the Storage Service the errors started coming back.

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I strongly suggest you to open a ticket with technical support, since it appears that you have several SQL issues on your environment that are affecting Enterprise Vault.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

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I am not sure if that SQL connection string  error message is related to the two event IDs 18456 and 17137, but I'd check the ODBC system DSN. It looks like there was a VS DB with that name before but it's still trying to connect to it.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

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Have you recently moved EV database to another SQL server? can you check if MonitoringSettings table within the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database pointing to correct SQL server.

Few of the references.
-------------------------------- (Event ID: 41122 Exit code UpgradeError(21) is generated after moving the Enterprise Vault database to a new SQL Server) (Event Id's 41122 and 41123 for Monitoring Configuration Utility when starting the Enterprise Vault Directory Service).

I am not sure why above events are coming together.

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What do I need to check under MonitoringSettings? If I look at the Vault Store it's pointing to the correct SQL server but the Database it is looking for doesn't exist in SQL.

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So does your directory database exist? And your vault store database doesn't? Is it possible the databases are on a named instance not the default?

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I'm gonna mirror what Gabe said, open a support case, you're in a downed environment and the forums just aren't the best place to troubleshoot with so many suggestions and no one seeing your environment we're just left guessing as to what it could be

I.e you changed the password recently for the evadmin but didn't update the password on the services or the database itself is suspect or you changed SQL ports etc

Get a DTrace of directory service and call in a case

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I didn't change the password for the evadmin account. There are three SQL instances installed for some reason. Only one has any databases on it and that's the EV instance. There appears to be a Vault Store database but the name is different than what is listed in the Vault Store properties in the admin console.

I tried to created a new Vault Store and it "Failed to create the fingerprint database for Vault Store Group"