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Enterprise Vault administration..

Created: 26 Dec 2006 • Updated: 25 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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Is there a way to give limited administration capabilities to users?
IE: I would like to enable specific users to be able to do manual full archiving for terminated employees.. but not anything else...

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EV 7 does have Role Based administration, but for your example you would be better served apply a zero day policy to the targeted users. In EV 6 you can do this via EVPM. An example script is below.

DirectoryComputername =
SiteName =

Name = oneshotarchive
CreateShortcut = false
DeleteOriginal = true
UnreadMaiL = true
UseInactivityPeriod = true
InactivityUnits = days
InactivityPeriod = 0

DistinguishedName =

Name = mailboxroot
Suspended = false
Filtername = oneshotarchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true
RetentionCategory = Business

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How exactly does that "zero day" script work?

thanks for the answer btw.

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You use EVPM to apply the policy in EV 6 and below. In EV 7 you can apply the policy on a per user bases if you want.

You can find information on EVPM by opening the Help from the Vault Admin Console. Look for the Section called Policy Manager.

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I knew how to run the script.
I was referring what exactly the script itself did..
simply fully archives anythign that has a idle time ?

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It sets the archive rule for that mailbox to archive everything over 0 days, by setting the policy to archive anything older than 0 days all the mail will be archived during the scheduled archive run or a run now on that mailbox.

One thing to note, it will only archive the message classes you have enabled for the site. So if you do not do calendar items, those will remain in the mailbox.