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Enterprise Vault and Domino Server

Created: 26 Jul 2011 • Updated: 18 Aug 2011 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I just setup SQL backups for the Enterprise Vault SQL Databases and I'm still getting this error in EV. I'm using EV 9 with a Domino Server. The people who setup the servers original never setup any kind of backups of the servers.

Event ID 41008 New items awaiting backup or replication

There are 184299 savesets that have not yet been backed up or replicated for Vault Store 'Domino Journa Vault Store'.
  There is a build-up of savesets that Enterprise Vault cannot confirm have been backed up or replicated.

Example symptoms: archive-pending items remain in mailboxes, leading to calls to your Help Desk from users; store sizes do not decrease, even though items have been archived.

There may be a problem with backups or replication.

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This isn't referring to the SQL backups but rather the Vault Store partitions where the dvs files are kept.

You need to back that up or replicate if it is a Centera.  What backup software do you use and what is the storage device?

Have a read of this: and this

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Ok, that's what I thought. I'm dealing with the admins who are supposed to be responsible for backing up the server. I'll talk to them and get them to backup the store.

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So they are using CommVault to take snapshots of the virtual machine that holds the Enterprsie Vault store so the server is being backed up. I'm guessing that EV doesn't realize it's being backed up. Anyone know of a way to get EV to realize it's being backed up?

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You'll have to use a trigger file:

Basically you'll add a step to your post-backup script to create a file at the root of vault store parition called IgnoreArchiveTriggerBit.txt.  When EV sees this file, it considers all files older than it backed up.  It will rename the file after it processes it.

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Ok, I'm having them try a file level backup using a Windows Agent but if that doesn't work I'll try this. What is the point of having a post-backup script by the way?

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Ideally, you'll want your EV servers in 'backup mode' when you run your backups.  This way, if you have to restore from a backup, the databases, indexes and vault store partitions will be in synch.

You will want to use a pre- and post-backup script for your backups.  The pre-backup script will set the backup mode and the post-backup script will clear it.