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Enterprise Vault and Hitachi HNAS

Created: 27 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

Has anyone implemented EV with HNAS using Internet Shortcuts?

Does this work out of the Box now (HNAS is obviously CIFS compliant)

Do we still require the workaround per

The SCL says CIFS compliant platforms are supported as follows:

          Enterprise Vault

Item Version       2007    8.0    9.0    10.0

CIFS platforms — N        Y       Y         Y


Operating Systems:

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Ben Watts's picture

Hi Data Man,

I have had a look around (internally and externally) and cannot see anything to point to the fact that the device is now supported 'Out of the Box' unfortunately, you will still need to run the workaround.

The technote also states that it applies to EV8,9 and 10 so I would play it safe and assume that the technote still applies.

Sorry I couldnt give you the hoped for answer.

Advisor's picture

Yes, you still need to apply the work around as per the technote.

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Hey Data.

If you could please update this posting with outstanding concerns or flag one of the posters above as having resolved your issue it would help those who are trying to help others find the others requiring help.

Many thanks.