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Enterprise Vault and Managed Folders

Created: 06 Feb 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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I'm looking for some suggestions here.  We are on Exchange 2010 and EV 10

I'm struggeling with the direction to take regarding Exchange Managed Folders or EVPM.  I need to create two folders that will automatically be displayed in a user groups mailbox.  One for "6 months" and one for "1 year".  These folders should be locked from deletion and should have retention policies to match their name, i.e. the 6 month folder should have a retention policy of "6 months".  My trouble is that I am not sure if I should create these folders in Exchange using managed folders, or if I should create these folders with EVPM...

My need here is for a new project we have started for iPad users.  We are trying to limit the number of emails they keep in their inbox forcing them to think about what they are saving, and how long they need to save emails.

I know this might sound a little confusing, probably because I am having trouble explaining it.

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Well Managed Folders is a cost and EVPM is free
The non-deletable attribute with EVPM only works when the user is using the EV Client, where as managed folders are non deletable regardless whether the user has the EV client or not

If you have the licenses and can do it through managed folders, then i would recommend doing that and set EV archiving policy to be "Managed" so that EV copies the retentions across

That being said, EV will only copy the retention of the managed folder
If you wanted to have it archive on a different schedule, so like \Inbox archives after 30 days, but \managed Folder\ archives after 6 months, then you would still need to run EVPM anyway to apply that filter

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I see.  So as I would have to use EVPM anyway, which would be kind of redundant, shouldn't I just soley use EVPM?  

However, couldn't I just set the rentention on the said Exchange Managed Folders to the "6 month" and "1 year", then just set the archiving policy to "managed"?

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Well lets say you have the following

Policy set to Archive After 6 Months
Default Retention to Forever

You want
\1 Year\ - 1 Year Retention, archive after 30 days
\3 Years\ - 3 Year Retention, archive after 30 days
\7 Years\ - 7 Year Retention, archive after 30 days

all other folders (\inbox, \sent items etc) to be default retention of forever and archive after 6 months

If you set it up through EVPM, you would target each 1 year, 3 year and 7 year folders appropriately, if the folder doesn't exist, EVPM will create or re-create the folder

If you set it up through Managed Folder, it will copy the retentions (1 year, 3 year and 7 year by copying the details and creating hidden categories in the directory database)

However, it would still only archive anything in those folders after 6 months and not 30 days, so you would have to run EVPM specifying the folder names and then telling it to archive anything 30 days or older

If you set Managed Folders to normal, then this would archive anything after 6 months and give it the default retention period of Forever, because you're telling EV not to treat those folders any differently.

If you were to forget about Managed Folders altogether and use EVPM, then you would have to specify the retention period (1,3,7 etc) as well as the archiving rules

You can also set the folder to be non-deletable
If the end user uninstalls EV Client, or uses OWA etc, the user can delete the non-deletable folder, but if you were to use Managed Folders, the folder would remain regardless of EV being installed

But If you ONLY want to apply different retentions, but nothing different in terms of what makes the item eligible for archiving (Read/unread, size, age etc) then use managed folders and just have EV set to managed and then have EV copy the retentions from exchange