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Enterprise Vault Archives And Mailboxes

Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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I am new to EV and i have a simple question regarding Exchange mailbox archiving.Are the archives linket to a maiblox GUID or to a user account in A.D.


If a user leaves the company and i disconect/delete that user`s maiblox but dont disable/delete the A.D. account,will i be able to access the archive if i create a new maiblox for that user?


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When you first set up a user to be archived, you add them to a provisioning group, this goes off of an AD account that has a mailbox attached.

When it provisions it pulls across the LegacyExchDN (which EV refers to as the legacyMbxDN) and the Exchange Mailbox GUID, that way it can keep track of who the archive belongs to if they change names.

If the user then leaves the environment, what you would want to do is disable the user before the mailbox gets deleted, then if the user comes back, when you enable the user, you just select the users old archive and it will connect the user to the old AD account.

If you don't disable the user, you will then get warnings that you have an enabled user but no user in AD when the provisioning task runs, if the user comes back with the same LegacyExchDN and the same mailbox GUID then the user will be re-linked, so they will carry on as if nothing has happened.

If you don't disable the user, and they come back with a brand new mailbox GUID and DN, then EV will simply see it as a new mailbox and create a new archive (if the provisioning task is set to automatically enable users)

If you don't disable the user, and they come back with a brand new mailbox GUID and DN and try to enable the user manually and manually assign them the existing archive, you will get an error saying that the archive is already assigned to a different which case you would have to remove the old users record from the exchangemailboxentry table and then re-enable them.