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Enterprise Vault archives migration / export query

Created: 03 Jun 2013 • Updated: 03 Sep 2013 | 9 comments
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Hi Guys

what would your recommendation be for our scenario where we have an existing Enterprise Vault (8) installation currently archiving a domain (1000 mailboxes) which is due to be closed and we have a second domain which all users will be migrated to.

The idea proposed is that we use the Export archive function within EV to restore all items back to the original user mailboxes, then the Exchange Admins will migrate mailboxes / users to the new Domain. A new EV 10 (x64) installation of Enterprise Vault will be setup and all users will be archived

does that sound about right ?

a concern we had was about the hidden message from the previous EV installation within some of the user mailboxes when the new EV will  begin archiving - does that need to be removed ? or will the new EV installation replace / delete it with a new hidden message


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I would suggest using something like Archive Shuttle to fully migrate the data between the installations.

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thanks Rob

would that work similar to EV Move Archive ?

i.e. we would get the mailboxes moved over to the new domain / exchange environment then associate the moved mailboxes with the existing archives ?

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You could do it using move archive, but you'll need forest trusts in place and so on.

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thanks - and if we were to setup a new EV environment (directory) and use Move Archive i take it that the EV versions must be the same ?

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Moving EV archives using the native ability would work, but please note that the native move is going to be slow relative to the third-party tools available in the market (Archive Shuttle (Quadrotech), Migrate (Globanet)).  EV intentionally slows down EV archive move depending on what else EV is doing which is not a bad thing but there is also a limit on how many threads you can allocate, so this effectively limits on how much you can move despite having more resources.  Third-party tools can really crank up the server to ensure the move is done way faster.  I did post some numbers in an earlier post -- see

Hope this helps!

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thanks Gents

so i see the below as my 3 options


1) export all archives back to existing mailboxes (expand quotas / ensure space is available to do so) Admins to migrate / move mailboxes / users to new Domain Exchange / EV environment. New EV server is setup, all mailboxes are provisioned and all mailboxes are archived

(if no space on Exchange) (cant move journal archive in this method)

2) setup EV for the new Exchange environment / domain (EV 9/10 depending on the current EV version (EV 8 / EV9). tight migraton policy to minimise the amount of data to be moved from within Exchanage, disable existing archives for archiving. Admins to move user mailboxes to the new Exchange / EV environment and provision all mailboxes from within new EV environment to generate a new archive per mailbox. Use move archive to associate the previous archives with the new archive (based on the mailbox GUID)

(third pary tool)

3) management and full reporting / logging of the migration between the EV environments fully inclusive service ?

would you agree


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Given that you've only 1000 mailboxes to move I would say option 2 is a realistic option but if you have resource constraints and money in the budget then in your shoes I'd go for option 3

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Honestly For small projects like that, move archive is plenty fast enough and free, only thing that really slows you down is the set up, the GUI is good for one or two archives but adding a bunch and doing retention mapping takes ages

That being said, things like archive shuttle, TransVault all typically require partner engagements but bring with it expertise, and can provide you with reports like chain of custody

Restoring to the mailbox would work but would be a bad idea in my opinion, especially since you then have to set more reg keys on the new EV environment to rearchive those items etc