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Enterprise vault archiving & retrival process.

Created: 26 Dec 2011 • Updated: 30 Dec 2011 | 4 comments
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I am trying to understand the background process involved’

1. While double click on EV shortcut.

2. Archive task determines an eligible mail item.

3. While clicking on Restore from vault.

Thanks, Suresh S

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When you double click a shortcut in outlook it will trigger some script embedded within the shortcut and that will call the EV Outlook Add In to retrieve it.
The Add in will then determine whether you have the item offline in vault cache, if not it will then call Download.asp on the EV server and then the StorageOnlineOpns process retrieves the email and is then stored in a temporary PST file on the end users machine.

Note that to retrieve an item, the archiving task does not need to be running or even enabled, as it purely goes through storage calls

2. Item eligibility
When the archiving task connects to a mailbox it will scan each folder and look for a hidden message containing the archiving rules (such as archive items older than 60 days etc), this will either be set by EVPM scripts which override the default policies or if no EVPM changes or user changes have been found, it will use default archiving settings

Each email is then scanned and makes sure that the item is of the right message class and then checks the date and size of the item, the main date it will be looking for is a SUBMIT or CREATE date to determine ts eligibility

And then it will sort the items by size and date and go through and archive each one, up to a certain amount as dictated by the "items per pass" in the properties of the archiving policy

Note that manual archiving does not obey rules such as "never archive items younger than..." etc

3. Clicking on restore from vault
When you hit store in vault EV will read the shortcut to get the savesetID and location and then call restoreo2k.asp (if using the lite client), then what happens is the Archiving task gets the item in the tasks R2 queue which means restore pending, it then gets passed to Storage Restore queue when the StorageRestore process will get the item from disk and then pass it to the exchange tasks R1 queue which will change the pending restore item back to a full regular email

When you do a restore it does not remove the item from the archive

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I want to know because I wonder is there anyway to prevent EV from archiving it. Same for journal archiving...

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Couple of ways to prevent EV archiving particular items in mailbox archiving....

Exclude the message class from archiving, and implement a registry key which forces manual client archiving to obey that same ruling,

Use an aged based policy and set the age to verrrryyyy old. That way nothing becomes eligible based on age.

Use custom filters. These can look at other message properties eg the subject.

Custom filters can also be used in the journaling world to stop certain items being added to the archive. They will still be journalese as that is a feature of Exchange... Unless you implement journal rules (Exchange 2007 and higher)