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Enterprise Vault - Backup - Last items secured

Created: 30 Apr 2010 • Updated: 11 Feb 2015 | 4 comments
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I have enterprise Vault 8 on a windows server 2008 and i'm using NetBackup 7 with agent.
I backup all my enterprise Vault system with the online agent of NetBackup but if I go to the properties of the partition after the backup of this one, the Last items secured properties always give me the date of the previous backup and not the one that has been done 5 minutes ago but the LAst Scan Started date is the one that has start after the backup.

What i realized is that the Scan start everytime the Vault store get out of the backup mode. It looks like that the first step of the agent seems to put the vault store in Backup mode then do a snaphot and put back the vault stores in Normal Mode. After that, the Backup of the snapshot is starting then at the end of this one, the archive bit are cleared on the vault store. The problem with that is that the Scan is starting before the end of the backup because the vault store are back to normal operation before that.

Can anybody help me on that? maybe my configuration is not good?

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You may just need to decrease the FileWatchScan interval, because as soon as the Storage Service becomes active again it will start checking through the contents of the WatchFile table to see if each DVS/DVSSP/DVSCC etc has had the archive bit removed


DWORD value with a value set to a number of minutes.
If the value is set to 0, no rescanning is performed. If the value does not exist,
the rescan is done every 12 hours.
When an Enterprise Vault Storage Service is started, the StorageFileWatch
process scans the Vault Store NTFS files to check that they have been backed up.
This registry key sets the frequency with which these scans occur.

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if you are doing snapshots, then you shouldn't be relying on the archive bit but instead the 'trigger file' mechanism that NBU should be generating.


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Thank you Mike but is there a way to not use the snapshot with the netbackup agent?

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Someone can probably answer better but I'm not at all certain the NBU agent for EV does a snapshot I think it clears the archive bit.