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Enterprise Vault Backup using AVVI and Vault Agent

Created: 24 Oct 2012 • Updated: 29 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi Guys, I have EV 10.2 for Exchange and Im testing backups before deployment.

EV is running in a VM. Storage is combo of SAN and NAS.

We backup all VMs using the AVVI Agent via vCenter server.

At the top level I understand the following should be backed up for EV (correct me if Im wrong)

1. Backup EV using the EV agent which backs up the site, diretory db, fingerprint db, index's, vault store etc etc

2. Backup remaining SQL databases used by EV

3. Backup the system state and OS hosting EV

What I want to avoid in step 2 and 3 is any duplication of whats already been backed up in step 1.

Should I have two jobs?:

Job 1 - Backs up EV with the EV Agent.

Job 1 - Backs up everything else using the AVVI agent using SQL GRT with exclusions of items already backed up in Job 1

I was hoping the Remote Agent was smart enough to be able to do AVVI and EV Agent based backups in the one job but as there are no Vault "Application" settings for AVVI I guess this wouldnt be the case.



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You are right, EV is not supported with the AVVI agent. The AVVI Agent cannot put EV in maintenance mode.

Your setup is fine, create a separate job for EV.

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The system state is probably OK to be protected by AVVI - I have a concern that the SQL databses that are used by EV that you mention in Step 2, need to be backup up in a consistent (time matched) way against the other EV databases (step 1). You probably should clarify the consistency requirements for the databases you refer to in step 2 against those mentioned in step 1 with EV support.

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Thanks guys, I've reviewed what gets backup up with the agent and AVVI and I believe it will be enough.

As far as time consistancy goes the backups run immediatly one after the other and in a specified window set apart for EV only.

thanks for the feedback.