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Enterprise Vault can not change this setting now because....FSA

Created: 13 Jun 2012 | 8 comments

I have installed EV Reporting on my SQL 2008 R2 x64. The EV reporting is running with no issues. However, want to set up FSA reporting as well.

I enbaled the FSA reporing and it helped me creating the reporting database but when I check the box "enable FSA reporting", it comes back with the attached message.

Please see attached.

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Have you made sure the webservices have been set up on all EV servers and that the FSA drivers on each file server are current and up to date?

Also what version of EV are you running?

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The web services are running and FSA drivers on the file server are current.

I am using EV 10.0.1...

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What error do you see in the Event Viewer of File Server? DTRACE on FSAReportingService on FileServer would be helpful for troubleshotting.

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please find the dtrace log attached - thanks!

dtrace.txt 9.01 KB
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no event on the EV server and the none on the File server event viewer.

What service shall I run the dtrace agianst, FSAReportingService?

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Nothing log into DTRACE attached, Please run DTRACE against AdminService and mmc.exe (SnapIn)

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Symantec support has asked to uninstall Enterprise Vault FSA and reinstall.

Can I have steps to uninstall 2 node MCS Clustered EV?